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2023 Notion Moon & Astrology Journal

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Meet the Notion Moon & Astrology Journal.

It's a planner, moon journal, astrology library and reflection tool in one.

The Daily Journal

  • Begin each day with a journaling question inspired by the moon sign and phase
  • Track how your moods change with the moon
  • Plan your time according to your desires
  • Understand your emotions
  • Keep your energetic cup full
  • Create a daily photo journal
  • Train your brain to notice the positive
  • End your day with self-love and gratitude

The Weekly Calendar

  • Plan what you’ll do this week and when you’ll do it
  • Choose a theme for the week based on what matters to you
  • Reflect on what went well each week, what didn’t, and how you want to grow as a person

The Monthly Calendar

  • See the month’s moon phases and signs at a glance
  • Reflect on the past month with rollups of weekly wins and challenges

The Moon Phase Journal

  • Understand the moon phases in a whole new way with a daily guided moon phase journal
  • Use the challenging parts of the moon cycle to evolve
  • Use the harmonious phases to move forward with ease
  • Stay focused on your intention even when you want to give up

The Astrology Dashboard

  • Get in-depth insights on the signs, planets, houses, energies, and elements
  • Refresh your knowledge about the moon and sun signs with one click
  • Better understand your birth chart
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2023 Notion Moon & Astrology Journal

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